On our Holland America ship they offer a spinning class which, as we're at sea this morning, I am undoubtedly attending.  I will report back with pictures of the set up and possibly our instructor, Fabio, if he's not too weirded out by the whole idea.



Atlanta Spin!

For those of you who don't know, my wife and I moved way away from Boston in the past few months, and have settled in to our new home in Atlanta.  Exciting!  Many of you may have already been guests by now.

But all of the hubbub hasn't stopped me from spinning.  For the first month or two I conducted a detailed search for good spinning programs, mainly to the gyms surrounding my work.  I commute in for about 30 minutes early in the am, and it's nice to not have to travel anywhere after the gym.

So I've settled on a poppin' fresh place called Urban Active here in Buckhead.  I've seen a number of decent instructors come through so far, and right now I'm writing because this morning's class with Lauren got me all fired up.

Lauren tossed caution to the wind and created 5 or 6 one-minute clips of some key songs for spinning, and strung them together back-to-back in class.  We alternated between sprinting for a minute, then climbing for a minute, then back to sprinting, etc.  It's not substantially different from what we might normally do, but I appreciated that getting the songs parsed out just so was extra effort on her part and also effective.

Lauren's class also has the synchronized dance-like style of frequently alternating positions around the bike to the beat.  I love that - gets me going every time.

I may report more in the future, but the good news is that a class here finally inspired me to blog something again :)