Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Boston Sports Club

Cambridge Athletic Club

Downtown Crossing, location in central Boston.

The act of moving between positions 1, 2, and 3

A series of sprints (or jumps)

positions (standard)
#1: sitting on the saddle of bike
#2: standing upright; center of gravity about the saddle; light touch on the handlebars
#3: hands stretched out to the end of the groups of the handlebar; center of gravity just in front of the saddle (i.e. not too far forward).  There should not be too much pressure exerted on the handlebars.

positions (RPM)
Ride Easy: sitting in the saddle (standard position #1) with low resistance
Racing In the Saddle: hands move out to the side of the handlebar, quicker pace.  This can also be done while shifting your butt to the front of the saddle for a shorter pedal stroke and thus even quicker pace.
Climb: see standard position #3

a style of spinning from Les Mills.  See the intro post here.

Short bursts (< 1 minute typically) of rapid pedaling

The term for a series of intervals consisting of 8 sprints of 20 seconds each, separated by 10 second breaks.  Used primarily (only?) by Megan.

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