Friday morning @ Recycle (1/2)

Christina taught a full class early this Friday morning.  There was a lot of hard work done to the tune of songs that were less pop-y and more focused.  I felt a few cardio zen moments (endorphins, perhaps).  In particular there was a 2:30 - long song with a relatively fast pace.  Christina put us at a low-moderate resistance (6.5 or 7) and the challenge was to keep the pace of the song for the entire duration.  And we were to do so while crouched in position 3.  She encouraged us the entire time given how difficult the pace was, and afterward gave a little pat on the back, telling the group that when Recycle opened earlier in 2011 (is this right?) almost no one could complete the track.  I believe it; I certainly couldn't have.

It's a mark of Christina's knack as an instructor that she can keep me motivated and excited through softer or slower songs (I typically prefer hard, fast beats); I enjoyed the hell out of that class :-)

To round out the challenge, she ended the Reboot class working our arms.  She really ground them out, which in general would be fine except for this was a double-header and Meredith was up next ...

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