Saturday morning (11am) @ Recycle

So this day was a two-a-day for me, and back-to-back which is quite grueling.  Especially when Meredith is the second instructor.  She was on fire: we were sprinting and doing really quick crunches and tricep pumps in the Reboot class.  You’ll probably recall from an earlier post that the Reboot class involves an arm workout as well as spinning, and this was an Advanced Reboot class, lasting for a whole hour.

We hit the (now-)classic Avril tune, What The Hell, and sprinted all out.  If you’re new to spinning and haven’t exercised to this one before I recommend putting it on your headphones, sitting down at a bike in the gym, and sprinting all out to the choruses.  It’s invigorating.  One of Meredith’s strengths – and why I continued to take her class to begin with – is picking up on songs that make for kick-ass spinning.

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