Tuesday morning @ Boston Sports Club (BSC) Downtown Crossing (DTX)

I walked from my apt to BSC DTX, getting there at around 6 to secure a front-row bike.  Ever since Meredith started teaching on Tuesday at 6:30 here, the class has been packed, maybe one or two of the 25 bikes left open.  The studio is completely walled with mirrors, crucial in my opinion, and the dude next to me was really into it: vocal grunts, hoots, and all.

Meredith – her name will come up a lot I’m guessing - taught for 50 minutes this morning and I worked pretty hard.  I don’t like to set the bar low or anything, but working ‘pretty hard’ this morning is actually exceeding expectations given the volume of the blood punch I drank at our Halloween gathering last night.  Fifty minutes is a little longer than the standard BSC spin class, which I’m told is a legacy from the instructor prior to Meredith who would teach for an hour.

Solid start to a Tuesday.

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