Monday evening @ Recycle

Aly taught a Remix class at the studio tonight.  This class combines 45 minutes of spinning with 30 more of yoga.  I'll tackle each in turn.

The spinning was agressive (eventually I'm going to run out of synonyms here ...) with a couple of hill climbs - some in the saddle.  The undercurrent of the exercise - we probably jammed it like 4 or 5 times - was a quick run in position 2.  This puts serious tension on your quads and also your knees.  I find sometimes after an entire week of spinning that during the final workout my knees will ache a little during intense position-2 workouts.  In these cases I'll play it safe and slow down a little, or put more pressure on the handlebars (thereby taking pressure off of the knee).  Seriously, though, I don't know where Aly gets the energy; she was non-stop and the rest of the class was struggling to keep up.

I don't feel quite qualified to give any opinion on a yoga class - this was actually my first routine (did I hear her call it a 'practice'?).  I'm pretty happy with myself that I stuck it out and went through each of the motions.  I imagine my amateurishness was pretty obvious to everyone, but even to this layman the positions and stretches and deep breathing were just what I needed after the intensity of the spin.

I had a pretty hard day at work, and this Remix spin and yoga class gave me a little Serenity Now moment on the way home.

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  1. Another Q about this blog. Who creates the links? Love the "serenity now" :)