Tuesday morning @ BSC DTX

Meredith packed another class full today, which included my former coworker Rachel (@creativeactuary) along with most of what I’ve seen as The Regulars there.  Last week I rode down the elevator after class with just one Regular, an older gentleman who usually sits at about the centroid of the room of bikes.  “Meredith’s been kicking my ass for a few months now; I’m hooked.”  This is a standard reaction: spinning does not discriminate on age or gender when it comes to working out, and Meredith is a prime conduit for the experience.

Today’s particular ass-kicker, if you were honest with yourself, was to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok.  The honesty here is key since spinning is an at-your-own pace sort of exercise.  There is plenty of encouragement from the other group members and from fierce instructors like Meredith, but you could go through class just piddling around for 45 minutes if you’d like.  I don’t like, though.

On Tik Tok, we spun at a medium-high resistance, with wicked intense accelerations in the saddle during the choruses followed by brief stints in position 3.  I forgot my bottle of water today (big mistake) and I was punished for it.  Victory was claimed, though, at the end of the routine: I walked out energized for quite a long day.

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