Wednesday evening @ Recycle

The Recycle Studio is located on Tremont street in Boston's South End.  Recycle serves up a unique and satisfying spinning experience.   This blog will start to feature reviews of each of the spinning studios around town that I've visited, and I'll go into a lot more detail on each, but for now start by checking out all of their locations at Bikeurious' latest addition, the studio locations page (also found in the tabs at the top of the home page).

Meredith turned me on to Recycle many months ago and I try to treat myself to a ride there at least once a week.  She was teaching the Reboot class tonight, involving some fiery spin as well as some arm workouts.  These bicep, back, and shoulder exercises are performed with weights (2 lbs each ... don't knock it till you try it) that are provided on the bike.

The bikes here feel great, and I put on some serious resistance for a few hill climbs.  I also tried my best to keep pace with MJ's They Don't Care About Us in various positions.  It's my recent favorite spinning challenge.  Meredith confessed at the start that she's lifted it from another Recycle instructor; I'll be covering that class soon as well.  One move I tried to pull off a little more precisely this ride was keeping my center of gravity pulled way, way back as we held on to the center, protruding handlebars.  It was an effort, but I feel I left with a better glute workout than usual.  I'll let you be the judge of that, though.

A successful spin (sweat soaking through my jacket as I left) to top off a challenging day.

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