Wednesday morning @ Recycle

I hit up the 6am, sold out Reboot class this morning in the South End.  Something that always amazes me about Christina our instructor (and pretty much each of them @ Recycle) is how she can even manage to speak by the end of class.  I’ve never been able to …

The Reboot class mixes up spinning with one or two tracks working on arms.  Today’s arm track was the worst (best?) I’ve ever done.  For the entire song we lifted our whole arms over our heads and did some tricep-working skull-crusher-type moves.  This got tiring quickly.  We continued by arching the whole arm / weight apparatus left and then right, to the music, like we were directing traffic.  If the cadence was about 80 bpms, the song lasts for 4 minutes, and we hit a move on every other beat, that’s still 160 reps on our arms.  Spinners were dropping (their arms) like flies (who have arms?) like I’ve never seen before in that class; I’m not sure a single person finished the exercise the whole way through.

Also I’m going to start another motif on this blog whenever I hear songs in spin classes that have language relating to spinning.  I’m going to call these spinclusive lyrics (see the new label, below).  Being somewhat self-referential, they remind me autological words, which my friend Alexandria (@allyeats)recently pointed out to me.  I’ve got a few of these on the backburner for y’all, but Christina popped out a new one today and I was loving it.  The song is Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco*.  We were hitting our downstrokes and upstrokes to the beat at a pretty high resistance while Fiasco was singing “kick, push, kick, push, kick …”.  This is a prime example of the spinclusive lyrics, describing exactly what we were doing with our legs as the song was playing.  You can see the smirk on my sweaty face whenever I recognize one.

* I’m nominating ‘Lupe Fiasco’ for All-Time Favorite Artist Name

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