Tuesday morning @ BSC DTX

Today was my first day back from the Thanksgiving holiday.  I ran 3 x times in Tallahassee, but that was still not enough to keep me in stride with my spin workouts.

Meredith showed up early at the gym to make us all look bad, and my gym routine was a little thwarted as I had to walk back to work to grab my shoes and shaving stuff.

Me, strapping in my spin shoes

Class was slated for a full 55 minutes and I was wiped out.  It felt like Meredith stuck around over the holiday, un-phased from the eating holiday, and punished me as soon as I got back.  I managed to weather the climb (my knees felt wobbly), I emptied my water bottle, and I survived my first day back.  The tricep workouts (which she indicated may not comply with the club policy, but she’s a lawyer: I’m sure she can handle it), even without weights, seemed to exhaust me.

It’s time to get back in shape; this is how it starts.

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