Friday morning @ Recycle (2/2)

I kept on my sweaty long-sleeved shirt and wiped off my bike (futile) after the first class.  I refilled my water bottle.  I was happy to see Christina stick around with me to complete the double-header with Meredith teaching.

Meredith heated it up quickly with a warmup track and then, sensing my fatigued shoulders I'm sure, led us through an chest & shoulder song (are you serious right now?) where I felt like screaming.  Instead I just called her a lot of mean names in my head for the full 4 minutes.  Given how hard she drives her classes I'm sure that I'm not the first.

My favorite section of the session came when she jammed the new hit from David Guetta and Usher, Without You.  This song seemed somewhat questionable to me at first but then Meredith crescendo(e)s into a medium/high-resistance climb and we hit the chorus: invigorating!  The whole class is in sync and it's what spinning was meant to be.  The hard beat of the music unites the class ("shoulder to shoulder" was the call) and everyone works harder than they bargained for.  Great success.

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