Thursday morning @ BSC Copley

I had a windy walk to this gym, conveniently located a block from my office, and I got there just in time to set my Full Load of stuff in a locker and get to the studio.  Meredith warmed us up quickly with Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition and then we quickly hit some sprints, up-hill with Aerosmith.  Not the easiest start to my day.

I was particularly crushing Lady Gaga’s You and I (I’d link the video but it’s raunchy, and my grandmother reads this blog).  The pace is moderate-fast, and Meredith demands a fairly high resistance.  I went probably a little higher than I was comfortable with, and challenged myself to keep the pace as long as possible.  I was in the front row and I grimaced a lot into the mirror.

I’m taking the day off exercising tomorrow since I’m out watching the Seminoles play BC tonight here in Boston and friends are in town, etc.


  1. You need to check out Mike's class at BSC Wellington on Wed at 545 am. You have to call ahead as it is always packed. Also Danielle at 1215pm on Wed is off the hook as well.

  2. Don - thanks for the tips! I think I've heard of at least one of those instructors, and I definitely plan on visiting a number of classes to get a broad range of spinning experience here in Boston. Thanks! Keep checking out the blog - many updates soon.