Tuesday evening @ CAC

This was my first RPM spin class with David, the group fitness instructor over at CAC.  I have taken a few other group classes over there (body pump, zumba, and body combat*) with David and his energy translates perfectly into RPM.  He was co-teaching with another instructor (Izzy, I think, and I fear that I may be mispronouncing the name >.<) and began by giving everyone some really good instruction.

Here is a picture of the CAC spinning room from above.

You can see that it is a converted racquetball court, and they have made some efforts to ensure good sound quality there.  Actually CAC’s former spinning room was it’s main group exercise room – a big, open space – and bikes had to be pulled off of the wall as class started, and replaced when it finished.  This is a clear improvement; I’m happy to see the redoubled effort on their spinning program.

Back to the class.  One thing that strikes you immediately with David is how motivating he is.  He’s super positive and smiles full-time, even when it’s a grimace-smile and you can tell he’s working really hard.  I worked somewhat hard through the first 2/3 of the RPM class (some seating sprints with low-moderate resistance were tough) but where the workout really climaxed was on the last song, the RPM-ified version of Linkin Park’s Numb.  We’re crushing the hill at 80% or 90% of our max resistance for the majority of the song until the last hill climb.  David rallied the troops (not many instructors do this weel) and elicits yells, grunts, and hoo-ahs from the spinners.  The final < 1 minute of climb was so intense I was lightheaded.  Water bottle: emptied.  Great class.

*shameless plug: everyone who can should start attending the body combat sessions over at CAC because my awesome wife co-teaches there somewhat regularly, and is working to get certified by Les Mills (being certified as an actuary only takes you so far).  She’s a bad-ass.

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