Thursday morning @ BSC Copley

I got to the gym a little earlier than usual to do some bicep and back workouts.  Ever since recycle has got me lifting weights while spinning, I’ve decided that I could definitely afford to be a little stronger here.

Meredith teaches on Thursday mornings, and the class is completely full (with waiting list) because these folks know what’s good for them.  Some familiar songs popped up during the spin class, including Womanizer (just now finding out that this is by Britney …) which, when taught by Meredith, is like your bike just transmogrified into an obstacle course.  We’re working triceps with upper-body pushups on the handlebars, we’re sprinting in positions 2 and 3 (and 1, if you’ve got the energy), we’re crunching quickly for an ab workout.  It’s all there.  And hardly anyone can keep up.

I drank 20 oz of water prior to class, 20 during class, and I’ve already finished the next 20 at work.  Were the Mrs. and I to be here during the Thanksgiving week (Meredith says she is teaching a ton in town), I’d probably try to OD on this class before OD’ing on Turkey and mom’s stuffing, but we’ll be back at home.

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  1. Know you'll miss your cycling routine! Gold's for you and Tif, maybe? Or just sunny Florida outdoor fun, running in and around Killearn. Trails of Maclay Gardens? Meredith will wish she was here!