Saturday morning (10am) @ Recycle

Aly at the Recycle Studio taught a vibrant class yesterday morning.  The studio was packed and luckily I was able to secure one of the front-row bikes.  Aly taught a Request class: the theme was Chris Brown v Rihanna.  I was a little skeptical at first but that was mainly driven by my own ignorance of the Chris Brown and Rihanna catalogs, and how well they are adapted to the spin track.  There are a lot of quick, hard beats - well suited to the exercise.

I always enjoy attending classes from instructors for the first time; there’s a learning curve that in itself is exciting.  While spinning has it’s own jargon (check out the glossary section!), and we can hear the positions and exercises that are being called out, it’s a goal of mine to understand the aims of the instructor and which muscles they intend each song to work out.  It’s helpful for me when I hear “your quads should be on fire” or “you should really feel this in your hamstrings”, since I know if I am on the right track or need to change something up.

Aly’s class was nicely choreographed – there were a couple of cool dance-ish moments where you could tell everyone was getting into it – and the climbs were rigorous.  She’s a very encouraging and challenging instructor.

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